Thursday, November 26, 2009


Tightening a black belt on a white uniform,
Standing alone in a clam DoJang
When I sink down under a hidden life
With my idle thoughts cut off
By the sword of seriousness
My invisible opponent
Appears with my severe attention
In no figure
From the deepest hidden area
Of my spirit
And of my life,
Opening its manifest mystery,
It is not dancing yet rhythmic
Not a huge mountain yet massicve
Not history yet has story
Substance without shape
Lacking an edge yet still sharp
Not dogma yet it teaches
Felt yet unseen,
It thus contains completion yet neither finished nor unfinished,
Finally showing itself same with everything yet each still different,
Then I,
Follow the leader’s while interpreting continuously new
Conceive with followers while teaching them
Poom and sae are the names of shape and nonshape.
Therefore poomsae can
Include everything of taekwondo.

Poem by lee, chang ho

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ladies especially....please, please read!
It's 112 not 999!
A young lady was robbed and slashed on the face two days ago in TamanDesa.
She just got off from her car and was in front of her friend's house pressing door bell.. She saw a motorbike with two men coming toward her direction but she thought they were security guards. Then before she knew anything, one of the men has already slashed her face with a knife and grabbed her bag. She didn't know it was a cut until she touched her face and found out it was bleeding. She was screaming out of shock. One of the man came back (they were already on the motorbike and ready to leave) and tried to slash her again. Luckily she was able to hold on his hand to stop the attack. At that time, her friend came out to check what happen and the men quickly ran away.
The cut was 9 cm long and 1 cm deep. Now those robbers' tactic! is to hurt you first before they rob you so that you are handicapped and can't resist them. Even later there are someone to help, they have to rescue you first instead of chasing them. Please be alert all the time and take every precaution measure you could. Emergency Number:
Please be aware the Emergency Number worldwide for GSM Mobile (012, 013, 016, 017, 019) is 112 and not 999.
You can dial 112 even without a Sim Card. If you find yourself out of coverage area of your mobile network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you. Do share this important info with your family members and friends.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Kehidupan macam mimpi
Mimpi pula macam kehidupan
Kadang-kadang menjadi kenyataan
Kadang-kadang ianya hanya angan-angan
Macam-macam perkara yang kita inginkan dalam hidup kita
Macam-macam cara kita lakukan untuk mendapatkannya

Tapi kita lupa
Tak semua yang kita inginkan berada dalam genggaman kita
Dan tak semua perkara kita tidak perolehi
Malah perkara yang berada di genggaman boleh terlepas begitu sahaja
Dan perkara yang tidak ada di cari-cari

Macam-macam peristiwa yang kita sering fikirkan
Membuatkan kita terbayang-bayang
Membuatkan kita marah dan sakit hati
Membuatkan kita senyum sendiri
Tak semua peristiwa kita boleh simpan di dalam fikiran kita
Malah kita harus melupakan peristiwa yang menyedihkan
Kerana ianya cuma menyakitkan hati
Malah kita harus mengingati peristiwa yang membawa kita kebahagian
Kerana ianya akan membuat kita tersenyum
Simpanlah ia kedalam hati kita yang paling dalam

Semua perkara berlaku ada sebab
Tanpa sebab ianya tak kan berlaku
Sesuatu perkara itu boleh dibuang atau kita simpan….