Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It is okay to be a loser….and it is better to be a winner… but our life does not that perfect to be a winner every times.  People sometime feel very down and give up when their failed.  Why be like that?  You are not the only one who is failed…  There are lots of people out there have difficult life to be a winner…  Think about it. 

What is a different between those who are hard to win and those who are easy to win? 
I mean that… those who are hard to win – org yg hidup susah, lahir dalam keadaan yg kurang normal, org yg x pandai membaca dan menulis, dan hidup dlm kekeliruan.  Those who are easy to win – org yg hidup senang, lahir dalam keluarga yg berpendidikan, org yg memang pandai sejak di bangku sekolah dan hidup dlm keadaan yg aman. 

 When I look people around me, I feel very happy and I give them a smile…. But sometimes I feel very sad but I still give them a smile…. We may look alike, we may be in same date of birth, we may be in the same age, we may be in the same place but… we still different.

There are people who are very excellent in studies but do not have feeling toward other people.  Not smiling at people and not willing to help and less communication. 

There are people who are very weak in studies but they are very responsive toward other people.  Smiling, helping people, and have a very good communication. 

Sombong bodoh?? Gelaran 4 those who are think that they know everything but actually just showing off.  Berlagak. Cakap besar.  

There are people out there who do not know how to read and write.  How pity there are.  Sometimes when I look at them, I cry and I ask myself, why can’t they become normal like other?  They always try very hard to be a winner like normal person.    

We as a normal person should bersyukur in whatever we do.  Therefore, be nice to people on your way up because you'll meet them on your way down…  

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